Narendra Modi in Delhi to spoil UPA anniversary celebrations?

Narendra Modi

As the UPA government prepares to celebrate its ninth anniversary, the BJP is set to play spoiler by incorporating Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to Delhi.

Modi arrived in Delhi on Tuesday morning to attend the BJP parliamentary board will meet to develop strategies for locking down the UPA, a day before the completion of nine years in power.

The high profile meeting will also address key issues such as food safety law.

UPA 2 completes four years in office, May 22, and when the government will release its report, the BJP, Modi has apparently brought to counter the claims of the UPA.

Narendra Modi’s presence in the capital around the same time as the anniversary of UPA is being seen as an attempt to steal the limelight from Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, who will be leading the celebrations.

The BJP parliamentary board meets in New Delhi on Tuesday to plot strategy for the general election of 2014.

This is the first meeting of the BJP parliamentary board to be attended again Modi after being admitted to the party organ key decision.

Before the meeting, Narendra Modi, on Tuesday morning met senior BJP leader LKAdvani at the residence of the latter.

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