Mahatma Gandhi’s blood samples up for auction in London

Gandhi memorabilia

Two microscope slides that carry blood from the former Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi are to go on sale in London on Tuesday and is expected to range from 10,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds ($ 15,200 – $ 22,800).

The slides were obtained in 1924, when the father of the independence movement of India was recovering from an appendectomy near Mumbai. He thought that donated blood to the family that was over time.

“For devotees of Gandhi, which has the same status as a holy relic for a Christian,” said Richard Westwood-Brookes, historical documents expert at Mullock auctioneers is selling the item.

“It is an artifact that is revered by the followers of Gandhi, especially in India, so it’s the kind of person who could go for it,” he added.

The slides are part of a larger collection of articles obtained by Mullock of, including former leader sandals, shawl and linens.

Demand for Gandhi items has been steadily growing from soil samples and sold by Mullock supposedly bloody blades of grass from the place where Gandhi was assassinated in 1948, to 10,000 pounds ($ 15,200) last year.

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