Hajj policy: Govt to introduce tracking system

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MULTAN: Federal Minister for religious matter and the Inter-Sardar Muhammad Yousaf Harmony said Saturday that a monitoring system be introduced for Hajj pilgrims to ensure their connection to the control room.
Talking to the media here at Multan International Airport, Yousaf said the system would be introduced without losing sight of the stampede occurred during the Hajj last year.
He said the Ministry of Religious Affairs had completed work on Hajj policy and the prime minister had given approval thereof. He added that the new Hajj policy would be announced on April 17 in Islamabad.
He said 270,000 applications have been received in the last year, of which 71,000 pilgrims were selected through a lottery in the share of government.
The minister said that the current government had given relief to pilgrims as the Hajj package had fallen to Rs 250,000.

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