Google Nexus 7 Tablet Hands-On: Remarkably Boring (In A Good Way) (PHOTOS)

Nexus 7

After a practice with the Galaxy Nexus 7, the new Asus-built tablet with Android 4.1 and is available in mid-July, was impressed by the majority, bored by it – and thanks to a simple fact, a little wind.

Yes, the Nexus is a light well built capable seven-inch tablet that has a decent processor, good screen and a comfortable, carbon-like backplate. But it is the build quality impressed us most.

So it was that the form factor? It is true that in the hands of Nexus feels solid, simple and usable. It’s the size of a paperback book – big enough to read and possibly a movie, but not too big that you had done it shows that floats around in your bag. But no, not that.

In terms of software, the Nexus also does well – it runs the latest version of Android, snappily, with all complaints and joy that implies, and is possibly a little too focused on selling something / everything from Play Store. Overall, it’s a solid experience. But it was not exciting either.

Then there is the price. Nexus 7 8GB costs £ 159, £ 200 the 16GB. That is much, much less than the market-leading iPad and even Apple products is obviously a higher quality experience, we can see lots of reasons why you would choose this place. Basically, it’s a steal. But it was not.

No – the only thing about the Nexus 7 blew us is that no one has done this before.

Nothing massively innovative on the show here. Nothing I have not seen before in other pieces of products, or was supposed to come along sooner or later. The thing is – he did not.

Only Google, with Asus, has assembled something as simple, clear, solid and dull (in a good way) for a decent price.

In the end it is a product that will for the first time and swear you’ve seen before. Just not already. Now that’s remarkable.

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